Metaphysical Properties of Stones

Enables you to focus on your tasks and on prosperity.

Helps you achieve spiritual harmony, tolerance and love for those around you. Enhances imagination and creativity. Can promote prosperity and good luck, while encouraging you to be generous to those less fortunate. A guardian crystal. Helps you appreciate nature. Helps in situations requiring courage. A general healing crystal which promotes balance and relaxation.

Blue Agate
Can be used to improve harmony and reduce the quarrels among family members.

Botswana Agate
Helps you protect your family and yourself. Protective love. Helps chest area.

Blue Lace Agate
Very peaceful and calming. Helps throat area and those who like to argue. Good for stubborn people.

Crazy Lace Agate
Helps you work with other generations within your family.

Green Tree Agate
Great for plants. Helps them grow stronger. Especially good for grass and tress. Protects the wearer and absorbs negative energies that might harm wearer.

Leopardskin Agate
Helps you work with heavy emotional issues, especially useful now with all of the rapid cultural and political changes in our modern society.

Moss Agate
Sometimes called the "gardener's stone" due to its properties of helping ensure a full crop. In addition to a full crop, moss agate brings general abundance, success, and prosperity. It can also help one gain peace with extreme or excessive duties in life and brings self-confidence and higher self-esteem. It can reduce the difficulties associated with overcoming addictive behaviors. Moss agate is associated with the heart chakra, and is a stone of compatiblity and friendship. It is also believed to help improve circulation, enhance healing of all types, overcome digestive or intestinal disorders. Green moss agate is said to assist in finding hidden treasure, and is a stone of prosperity.
Moss or dendritic agate stone contains visible impurities in the form of dendrite (a branching figure or marking, resembling moss or a shrub or tree in form) shapes that resemble moss.

Ocean Jasper/Agate - ORBICULAR
Ocean Jasper is very soothing and helps to love one's self as well as others. It is very healing of the emotions and brings peace of mind. It helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience. Ocean jasper heightens awareness in addition to balancing and stabilizing one's ability to handle the input from increased awareness. The circular patterns on ocean jasper symbolize and help us realize that we are all interconnected and nature is a cyclical pattern. It can also help with circular breathing for healing or meditation. Being a type of jasper, ocean jasper is a very protective stone, and any orbs ("eyes") enhance this in regard to protection from the "evil eye." Physically, ocean jasper is beneficial to the digestion, digestive organs, removing toxins, lessen body odor. Ocean Jasper is related to the heart chakra
In 1997 a gorgeous new find from Madagascar called "Ocean Jasper."  (Some are calling it "Orbicular Jasper" in reference to its colorful orbs, and some "Moon Jewel Jasper.")  But "Ocean Jasper" seems most fitting, as it was found right along the shore, actually being covered by water at high tide, and only accessible at low tide!
Ocean Jasper is an agate by the standard definition (agate being translucent and jasper being opaque). Ocean Jasper is rarely opaque. It was decided to call the material a jasper because rhyolitic patterns have been associated with the jasper category in the past and because "jasper" is listed as the mineral resource in the mining claims owned by Madagascar Minerals.

Turitella Agate
Helps combine the new with the old. Good for past life work. Grounding

Zebra Agate
Helps you enjoy your body.

A guardian crystal. Provides protection. Helps one enjoy life. A healing crystal. Useful in matters requiring cleansing and purification. Associated with longevity and renewal.

A must for those interested in clairvoyance, prophecy and divination. Helps with alll kinds of female problems including PMS. Calming, good for the throat area. Promotes truth, honesty, openness, self-esteem and self-love. Helps you communicate.

Amber gives a soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing at the same time. It can help manifest desires and heighten intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom. It cleanses its environment by drawing out negativity, and relieves physical pain the same way. It brings the energies of patience, protection, psychic shielding, romantic love, sensuality, purification, balance, healing and calmness to those who wear or carry it. It is considered a good luck charm for marriage. Amber is excellent for inner child work and past life work. Amber is associated with the solar plexus chakra and sometimes the sacral chakra. Physically it is beneficial for purifying the body, bone problems, heart problems, circulation, ears, hearing problems, endocrine system, fibromyalgia, intestinal/digestive disorders, kidney, bladder, lungs, and general healing purposes.

Good for just about everything, including left-right brain balance, nervous conditions, insomnia, dreams, dizziness and headaches. Can help end addictions. Excellent for clearing and dissipating negative energy from other crystals. Promotes spiritual enlightenment. A good aid for relaxing, meditation, and general psychic ability. A grounding crystal that helps you appreciate nature. A general healing crystal.

Good for reawakening Kundalini energy. Enhances personal power.

Angelite - Blue Anhydrite
Angelite is a stone that brings serenity, inner peace, and a sense of calm. Angelite is excellent to use when you need to calm down from feelings of stress and overwhelm. Angelite dispels fear, anger, and encourages forgiveness. Psychically Angelite is used to connect with spirit guides, the higher self, and guardian angels. It is excellent for enhancing telepathy, psychic awareness, astral travel, and spirit journeys. Angelite is also excellent for creating a shield of psychic protection and for balancing etheric and physical energies. Angelite can be used to aid expression and communication in group settings and in relationships. Physically, Angelite is used for infectious diseases, hemoglobin deficiencies, throat inflammations and infections, thymus, heart function, and circulatory system.

Apache Tears
Provides grounding and protection. Believed to help you with emotional problems. Helps you connect with your spirit guides. Believed to protect travelers.

Helps you accept and use your spiritual gifts. Promotes spiritual peace and harmony. Enhances communication on the spiritual level. Promotes love and intellectual abilities. Useful during times of change.

The fairy stone. Helps you work with devas and fairies. Helps you work more closely with the plant kingdom.
Apophyllite is an aid to meditation and helps make a conscious connection with the spiritual world. It has been used to help in fire walking and astral travel. It helps one see the truth and then act on it, and is an energy stimulator. It relieves tired eyes when placed on the eyelids. When placed on the third eye chakra, it enhances clairvoyance and mystical vision. Apophyllite is also associated with the crown chakra.

Promotes peacefulness, calming, serenity. A good meditation aid. A grounding crystal that helps you appreciate nature. Increases your inner power and will power. Useful for prophecy and divination. Useful as a healing crystal for those regaining strength.

A good healing crystal with malachite. Reported to work with endocrine glands and lower abdominal area.

Helps you become more tolerant. Helps with emotional healing.

Associated with prosperity and abundance. Helps you establish your independence and freedom. Promotes imagination and creativity. A general healing srystal, especially useful in matters dealing with balance and relaxation.

Blue Aventurine
Helps conquer psychic fears and bad dreams. Helps walk-ins feel better in their bodies. Helps keep you centered.

Green Aventurine
Brings prosperity. Helps you get along better with family members. A general healing crystal.

General psychic doorway opener. One of the most powerful crystals for the third eye area. The best o f these crystals may blow your intuitive area wide open to new ideas. Aids clairvoyance. Promotes kindness and sensitivity. Stimulates the intellect. Eases spiritual transformation. A general Healing crystal.

A combination of Azurite and Malachite, this stone assists in dissolving egocentric characteristics, dispelling conceit, arrogance, and vanity, while instilling individuality. It calms anxieties, while facilitating stability of the intellect to produce rationality.

These two minerals are often found joined together, combining the deep blue of azurite with the vibrant green of malachite. This combination produces flexibility. It generally allows one to reach into the inner depths without fear, bringing self-acceptance and ultimately self-love in the process. This combination also helps dissolve egocentric traits borne of insecurities - conceit, arrogance and vanity - and replacing them with a feeling of well-being that comes more from the connection to all things. On the physical level, this combination can be used to enhance body flexibility.

Psychic activator. From old Lemurian energy area in California along with Joaquinite & Neptunite.

An aid to spiritual development. An intellectual stimulant.

A major abundance crystal. Helps you in the areas of prosperity, good fortune, and generosity to others. A healing crystal useful for cleansing, purification, and balancing. Said to be useful on physical problems involving the circulatory system and the liver.

Boji Stone
A balancing stone that is alive! Almost anybody can tune in on this one~ Excellent for opening up all chakras. Said to be effective in reducing pain from burns, headaches, etc. Requires human contact and recharging or it will turn to dust.

Said to be a powerful chakra activator, especially the crown, third eye and the Kundalini channel. Helps one deal with intolerable situations, can be used to dispel apathy and lethargy.

Helps stimulate growth in wisdom, intellect, and memory. A must for those interested in channeling or astral projection. A peaceful calming crystal, said to be useful to those suffering with ulcers or other stomach problems, poor digestion, or hyperactivity.

Golden Calcite
A major tool to be used in enhancing your spiritual development. Helps you prepare for your karmic future.

Green Calcite
Said to be good for the throat and lung area. Also said to aid in getting rid of unwanted spiritual visitors.

Orange Calcite
A crystal filled with joy and sunshine. Great for computer nerds, shut-ins, and those suffering from post-partum depression.

Red Calcite
Enables you to express your emotions.

Promotes harmony. Helps you raise your self=esteem and establish your independence and freedom. A grounding crystal that helps you appreciate nature. Helps you recall past lives. Helps stimulate growth in wisdom, intellect, and memory. Said to be an aid in manifestation of ones wishes. Useful in combating fears and anger, dealing with hidden emotions, and sexual problems. Heavily used by Egyptian-Atlantean.

Good for opening communication with spirit guardians. Promotes openness, kindness, sensitivity. Said to enhance psychic powers. Good for all kinds of voice problems. May be useful against altitude sickness.

Intuitive sources say that Charoite emanates an energy which purifies & clears one's surroundings of all types of negativity. It is said to aid in releasing old fears & recalling past lives. It may be used to enhance one's dreams and protect from nightmares. Helps balance psychic and intellectual wisdom.

Helps jyou achieve prosperity, abundance and generosity. Useful in efforts at sociability and in overcoming shyness. Encourages the traits of kindness and sensitivity. Helpful in matters requiring strength of purpose. Used by Egyptian-Atlantean.

Blue Chalcedony
Initiation crystal for Egyptian-Atlantean high priestesses.

Great peaceful, calming crystal. An spirit and heart crystal that inspires truth and honest, patience, serenity, tolerance, love, kindness, sensitivity, and wisdom. A very useful aid during meditations. Good for those working with computers. A close relative of turquoise.

Solid light-blue, blue-green member of the quartz clan. Also known as Gem Silica.

Is associated with tranquility, serenity, peace, subconscious wisdom, intuition, patience, nurturance, acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, calmness, meditation, honesty, hope, intimacy, gentleness and sensitivity. Gentle, soothing, friendly. Excellent for heart Chakra; flushes and heals heart blocks (loss, hurt, guilt, fear...) for allowingness, flexibility, self-forgiveness, peace of heart patience. Keeps one in light, love, and healing daily.

On Throat, expressing feelings, verbal and artistic creativity, thyroid. Also, heart blood sugar, and emotional balance. High conductivity from copper draws out pain, heat (fevers, inflammations, arthritis...), Excellent therapeutic aid for healing loss, incest, other traumas. Cleanses auric field. Dreams and Earth healing.

A talisman. Good past life healer. Inspires happiness, optimism. A general communication aid. Helps one regain lost energy. Enhances longevity, renewal, balance.

Helps balance your personal power towards health and wealth. The merchant's crystal. Inspires truth, honesty, and general spiritual developments. An abundance crystal that aids one toward prosperity, abundance and generosity. A guardian crystal that protects the bearer from harm. Aids in achieving stability, security. Helps overcome shyness. Can aid those looking for true love. Associated with imagination and creativity. A general healing crystal that helps one regain lost energy and strength.

Helps maintain a positive outlook. Can assist in turning conscious dreams into realities. Said to stimulate the third eye and initiate psychic abilities, and to allow one to move easily onto a state of deep meditation.

Danburite is a calcium boric silicate crystal with a hardness of about 7. Most danburite is colorless, but yellow or pink crystals are sometimes found. It's name comes from its initial discovery in Danbury, Connecticut. The largest and best deposits are in Mexico.

Mystic Lore: Intuitive sources say that Danburite stimulates spiritual awareness & activates the crown chakra, the energy center at the top of the head. It is said to be a stone which connects with the realm of angels, and to be useful in communicating with them. Danburite helps to expand and enhance one's field of awareness, bringing greater clarity and sensitivity. Has a positive influence upon the brain, enhancing concentration and memory. Greatly supports the nervous system. Uplifting, yet calming. Assists in patience, endurance and strength. Encourages the vitality and longevity of the body.

Good for generating the energy of wealth.

Dioptase is a dark green heart chakra stone that relieves mental stress and promotes prosperity, relaxation, meditation and love/emotional expressiveness. It can be used to clear and stimulate all chakras to the higher level of awareness and action, bringing an invigorating and refreshing energy to the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies. It is an excellent stone for furthering spiritual attunement, stimulates past life memories, and is very beneficial in eliminating "lack". Great for pain releif of all kinds. Also good for working on 1st & 2nd chakra blockages.

(Africa) is also known as Blue Quartz. This can be used to reduce excitability and is an excellent stone for patience. It can stimulate verbalization of spiritual ideas and provide strength in dealing with conditions of disease. Helps confused and poorly organized people, particularly in business ventures.

General heart chakra healer. Prosperity crystal. Encourages truth and honesty. Good for efforts dealing with wisdom and intellect. Good for cleansing and purification.

Enables one to stay centered in spite of negative influences. Helps you avoid martyrdom.

Helps you deal with change and move on to new situations. Helps you understand your feeling. Moonstone is a feldspar gem material, which received its name because of its luminosity and resemblance to the glowing Moon. It has been prized as a gemstone for thousands of years.

Mystic Lore: Intuitive sources say that Moonstone is a stone of emotional harmony and wellbeing. It has been revered for centuries in India as a stone which can bring harmony and good fortune to marriages and love relationships. Moonstone is said to help one relax and enjoy life, and to help one fully love & appreciate others.

Fluorite: This colorful gemstone is a calcium fluoride compound found in the United States, West Germany, England and China. Colors include blue, green, purple, gold and multicolored patterns. It sometimes grows in near-perfect octahedral crystals.

Aura cleanser. Helps strengthen bones and teeth. Helps get you organized. Helps raise your IQ. A guardian crystal. A  good auric and psychic balancer.

Fluorite comes in a beautiful variety of colors including clear, purple, blue and green, sometimes swirling together in lovely patterns

All colors of fluorite tend to foster truth and protection in the areas that they enhance. Mixed colors bring enhanced protection in the areas enhanced by all combined types. Fluorite in all colors is useful for protection and aura cleansing.

Purple Fluorite
Purple fluorite strengthens mystic sight, spiritual truth and can promote third eye opening. It diminishes spiritual and psychic confusion.

Clear Fluorite
Clear fluorite enhances serenity and strengthens consciousness. It helps one to live in the moment without a sense of spiritual emptiness. It also guards against psychic attack.

Blue Fluorite
Blue fluorite is a protector of the emotions. In instances where one is feeling overwhelmed or confused it helps restore emotional balance.

Green Fluorite
Green fluorite promotes healing on all levels of a being, and shrinks problems with self-love.

Helps keep one grounded and sure of the ability to survive in difficult conditions. Enhances will power, inner power, and courage. Chakra balance. For integrating Native American ways with modern life.

Great for artistic creativity. Helps strengthen the immune system and so may help those who are HIV positive deal with their affliction.

Helps release all types of fears, gives one more energy.

Green Garnet
Associated with peace, serenity and patience. Promotes imagination, creativity. A general healing crystal. Good for cleansing and purification.

Red Garnet
Associated with prosperity and abundance, romance, passion. Promotes sociability, helps overcome shyness. helps with past life recall.

For rebirthing. Helps one enter the lower worlds in Shamanic travels.

Halite (Salt)
Helps with will power and with removing very old anger.

Helps people enter their own minds and better understand themselves. Aids concentration. A good gift for anyone with cancer.

Good for 6 and 7 chakras and for artistic types.

Helps you to be more assertive.

Believed to draw good fortune and wealth. Wards off negative influences. Said brings on stability and strength of purpose. Inspires wisdom, harmony, peace, serenity and balance.

Said to be one of the best protection crystals. A good chakra balancer. Peaceful, calming, a good spiritual power stone. A general healing crystal. Enhances kindness and sensitivity. Aids relaxation. Good for past life work, shamanic work and for adapting to life changes.

Picture Jasper
Said to calmly and gently ease memories of past lives, while soothing worries about future events. Helps surface hidden thoughts, grief, fears and hopes so that you can face them and deal with them.

Red Jasper
Can help one remember dreams. Said to help with rectification of unjust circumstances.

Yellow Jasper
Protect travelers.

Can help you overcome cynicism. Said to protect the possessor against illness and violence. Also said to protect one during pursuit of business and enhance the stability of finances.

Once you get beyond rose quartz, helps you love others and the world around you. Activates the heart chakra and aligns it with the throat chakra and third eye. Said to help remove obstacles from ones path. Produces a shield from unwanted energies. Enhances serenity, engenders kindness, sensitivity and sociability. A balancer.

Truly a stone of the New Age Kyanite never needs cleaning or clearing. From a metaphysical point of view it can be used to instantly align all chakras.  Tranquility, communication, psychic awareness. Excellent for meditation and dream recall and releasing buried information.





Wulfenite promotes the acceptance of the existence of the negative aspects which exist in the world, allowing one to recognize the issues and to not allow "roadblocks" to impede or limit progress toward development. It allows one to accomplish the transition, from the physical plane to the psychic and astral planes quickly. The time which is usually required to alter ones state is dramatically decreased. It also can be used to promote contact with the spiritual world in the form one manifests; allowing for attunement to those of ancient civilizations, to those of the near distant past, or to those of futuristic worlds.

 Novaculite is obsidian!

Novaculite is known as the "Cord Cutting Crystal." It is used psychically to cut psychic or etheric cords. It can also be helpful for "cutting through" problems, getting past problems, and finding solutions. Novaculite is useful for alleviating depression and despair. Physically novaculite is helpful for healing of clinical depression, obsessive disorders, warts, and moles. Novaculite energizes all the chakras.